Inservice Training
The College organizes subject  based orientation programmes and theme  specific programmes for secondary school teachers.
Faculty members of the college guide  research scholars for Ph.D works in Education. They also undertake research works on educational project funded  by different State and National Agencies.
The college organizes National level as well as Institute level seminars from time to time.
Field Trips and Educational Tours
The college organizes field trips and Educational tours to different places every year.
Faculty members of the College also supervise the academic activities of Secondary Schools of the locality and Elementary Teachers Training Institutions.
Community Participation
The College organizes different activities to develop relationship between the Institute and Community.
Sports Activities
The College organizes various games and sports every year where almost all the students usually participate. In addition, students also participate successfully in State level Athletic Meet of Teacher Education Institutions every year.
Literary and Other Competitions
The College organizes various literary Competitions and other Competitions like Music, Song, Dance, Quiz, Jhoti etc. among the students every year.
There is a beautiful garden in front of the college. It is developed by the students and staff of the college. Both students and staff work in the garden during leisure hours.